Musical theaters

St. Petersburg Music Hall

"Leningrad Music Hall" opened with premiere “Miracles of the XX century or the Last Carrier” in the Opera Hall of the People's House. The theater gained wide popularity thanks to the collaboration of I. Dunaevsky and “Thea-Jazz” by L. Utyosov. The second "Leningrad Music-Hall" was created in 1966. In the late 1970s the building of the former Opera House of the People's House was transferred to the revived "Music Hall", but only in 1988 it accepted its first spectators.


St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy

St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy is one of the oldest theaters in Russia, not only in St. Petersburg. The basis of the its repertoire consists of operettas and musicals. The birthday of the theater is September 17, 1929, when two operetta collectives were combined. Leningrad and Kharkov Musical Comedies showed on stage one of the first Soviet operettas. It was N. Strelnikov's "Kholopka". During the Great Patriotic War, the theater and its collective displayed unprecedented heroism and courage working all 900 days of the Leningrad blockade in the beleaguered city giving the inhabitants of the city and soldiers a minute of rest and faith in the coming victory.


St. Petersburg State Ice Theater

The Ice Theater was founded in 1990. In 1994 the theater was awarded with the title of State Theater. The troupe of the theater consists of 25 people, including figure skating stars A. Urmanov, E. Berezhnaya (artistic director of the theater), E. Plushenko, I. Slutskaya, P. Chernyshev, N. Lang, and many others. The repertoire of the theater includes performances for children - "12 months", "Alice in Wonderland", "Bremen Musicians", "Pinocchio" and adults - "Juno and Avos", "Princess Anastasia", "The Nutcracker", "1001 Nights".