Opera and ballet theaters

Mariinskiy theater

The State Academic Mariinsky Theater is an opera and ballet theater in St. Petersburg, one of the leading musical theaters in Russia and in the world. In the years 1859-1860 the architect A.Kavos built the present building of the theater, named after the Empress Maria Alexandrovna on Theater Square. For more than two centuries of its history the Mariinsky Theater has presented the world many great artists: outstanding bass, the founder of the Russian performing opera school Osip Petrov, such great singers as F. Shalyapin, I. Ershov, Medea and Nikolay Figner, S. Preobrazhenskaya. The artists of the ballet flashed on stage: M. Kshesinskaya, A. Pavlova, V. Nijinsky, G. Ulanova, R. Nureyev, M. Baryshnikov.


Mikhailovsky Theatre

The Opera and Ballet Theater in St. Petersburg, one of the most important musical theaters in Russia was opened in 1833. The complex of buildings is located in the center of St. Petersburg, in a historic building on the Arts Square (former Mikhailovskaya). At different times on the Mikhailovsky Theater's stage perfomed the orchestra under the direction of Johann Strauss, Lucien Githri, Matilda Kshesinskaya, Fedor Chaliapin, Sarah Bernard troupe. Frequent visitors to perform were A. Pushkin, V. Zhukovsky, L. Tolstoy, P. Tchaikovsky.


St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet

Ballet Theater in St. Petersburg. It was founded by Boris Eifman in 1977. The original name of the troupe is the " Leningrad New Ballet". The collective was created as an author's, director's theater, experimental laboratory of one choreographer.