Theatrical and concert venues

Hermitage Theater of the State Hermitage Museum

Hermitage theater occupies the building constructed in 1783-1787 by the architect G. Quarenghi. The theater opened on 16.11.1785 with the premiere of the comic opera by A. Ableisimov to the music of M. Sokolovsky "Miller, sorcerer, deceiver and matchmaker". In the XVIII century masquerades and balls were arranged in the building of the theater, the court nobility played amateur performances. Many famous dramatic actors: I. Dmitrevsky, J. Ofren, P. Plavilschikov, S. Sandunov, T. Troepolskaya, Y. D. Shumsky, A. Yakovlev played on Hermitage theater stage.


The Grand Hall of the St. Petersburg State Philharmonic Society named after D. D. Shostakovich

Philharmonic named after D. D. Shostakovich is the oldest philharmonic society in Russia. The Great Hall of the Philharmonic was built in 1839 by the architect Paul Jacquot for the Noble Assembly of St. Petersburg. The facade of the building was designed by K. Rossi. Since the end of the 1840s the Philharmonic Hall has become the center of the musical life of St. Petersburg. Among the famous musicians of the XIX century who performed in the Philharmonic: F. List, A. Rubinstein, K. Schuman, R. Wagner, P. Viardo, as well as P. I. Tchaikovsky, M. P. Mussorgsky, N. A. Rimsky- Korsakov and others.


State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg

The Russian concert organization of the city of St. Petersburg includes the oldest professional choir in Russia (established in Moscow in 1476 by the decree of Tsar Ivan III as the Choir of the Sovereign Singers), the symphony orchestra and its own concert hall.


St. Petersburg State Philharmonic of Jazz Music

The Philharmonic was founded by David Goloshchokin on January 1, 1989. This is the only philharmonic society in Russia, whose activities are focused entirely on jazz music. It is one of the most prominent jazz venues in the country. During its existence such world-famous jazzmen as David Baker, Ricci Cole, Eddie Gomez, Herb Geller, Benny Golson, Monti Alexander and many others played in the halls of the Philharmonic.